A first in its industry, Franklin & Ben combines vintage craftsmanship with modern design. Our esteemed designers command extensive knowledge and experience, and their irreplaceable creativity and vision have been essential to communicating F&B's unique aesthetic. Here they share with you their backgrounds, design styles, and personal inspirations.

Eric Lin

What is your background in?

By far, my favorite toys growing up were Legos. I loved mixing different building sets and creating something that was my own. It wasn't a surprise to my family when I went on to study Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduating, I worked for over 10 years on high-end custom homes all over Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as projects in Aspen, Montecito, and Beijing. Architecture is really an all-encompassing disciplinary that includes interior design and furniture design. It was a very natural progression that brought me to MDB.

What is your design style / aesthetic?

I appreciate all styles of design, but I gravitate toward the simplification of form and clean lines of modern design. I'm really drawn to the harmonious balance that is created by the juxtaposition between different materials and their intrinsic characteristics.

What inspires you?

I'm a very visual person. Beautiful things make me happy. It's really that simple. I'm inspired when objects or surroundings evoke an emotional response. Form, function, and emotional enrichment are key catalysts in my design process.

Matthew Grayson

What is your background in?

I first went to school for Computer Science and Fine Art which I loved because one was always the antidote to being overworked by the other. After spending a few years in NYC working in technology, which involves a lot of analytical creativity, I really craved the more intuitive, aesthetic creativity that I had used as an artist. This brought me out west to Art Center College of Design where I studied Product Design and after stints designing toys, consumer electronics and home and kitchen goods, I landed at MDB.

What is your design style / aesthetic?

I am always drawn to letting a material's true qualities come out by doing as little to it as possible. I prefer when the entire design isn't obvious at first glance. You should discover the details and thoughtfulness as you live with it. So, I tend to avoid gestures that are loud for the sake of grabbing attention and prefer those that remain a secret between designer and user.

What inspires you?

I like to think about how undesigned items came to be. An agave plant, river rocks, the night sky. There is always a simple and complex beauty that is so hard for humans to achieve.

What do you like to do for fun? Favorite past time?

Well, we have an eight-month-old at home, so most of the time I am cooking, cleaning or indulging her curiosity. When she's asleep I might be building furniture in my shop, planting vegetables, finding new music or studying humanity.

Jennifer DeLonge

Jennifer DeLonge is an acclaimed interior and product designer, entrepreneur, and a tastemaker in the modern family design movement. Jennifer's lifestyle brand, Jennifer DeLonge, incorporates her contemporary, playful aesthetic in her interiors and product designs to create hip family living spaces and a sophisticated state of play in the home. Her collection is a favorite among celebrities and high-end boutiques.

We decided to pick her brain about what inspired her to design two of our notable collections, Mason and Copley.

What was your inspiration behind the Mason and Copley collections?

The Mason was inspired by the imagery of antique library walls, housed on a cobblestone street where the paneling has the perfect amount of patina after years of use. The vintage look of the French grey finish gives it just the right amount of age and when paired with modern accessories can create excitement in any nursery.

The Copley inspiration comes from the quintessential New England spaceā€¦ think Americana mixed with aged-leather, wing back chairs. It exudes warmth and luxury.

What did you like most about designing for Franklin & Ben?

Designing for Franklin & Ben makes me smile! Being able to create collections that can integrate beautifully into any family space with a sense of style is exactly what Jennifer Delonge is all about...and continuing this idea into the nursery with pieces that are beautiful and incredibly priced, is so very exciting. The hard part is deciding which one to pick!